Sheet Rock Repair

Drywall cracks typically require immediate repair because they can spread and cause more damage if left untreated. Drywall typically cracks because of moisture, poor installation, or even the settling of the structure over time. Our professional painting company in New Jersey can repair cracks and holes easily and quickly.

When you have lots of people in and out of the house, whether it’s kids, guests or even family pets, you’re bound to have damaged sheetrock somewhere in the house.  Though these holes, gouges and scratches are ugly, they are fairly simple to repair with the right tools and know-how.  Let us come out and fix all those little eye sores throughout your home or office. We will repair the sheetrock damage and give your walls a fresh coat of interior paint to get you back in business.

Drywall Repair Services Nutley, NJ
We repair walls from water damage and restore walls that sustained fire damage. If you recently had a fire or burst pipe, we restore both fire and water damage, so there’s no lingering smell in your home. Smoke penetrates drywall easily, and the compressed gypsum and paper surface can hold the smell of smoke for years. We can clean the drywall in order to eliminate the smoke smell and replace the damaged sheetrock as necessary.

Water damage is another sheetrock repair that many homeowners experience. We’ll make sure that your damaged walls look like new when we’re done, and the repairs will last for a long time. We eliminate the smell of mildew and replace damaged drywall wherever water has absorbed.  It’s important to replace water-damaged sheetrock as soon as possible, so that mold doesnt grow and spread.

If you want to know more about drywall repair details and cost, call today for your free quote on our New Jersey drywall repair and restoration services.