Plaster Repair

By hiring a professional plaster repair company in New Jersey, you can ensure you don’t waste time or money trying to figure it out on your own. Without the help of a professional New Jersey painting contractor, your plaster repairs will not turn out well. Our talented team will ensure your repair and restoration work is done according to the original design and architecture. We start with a thorough examination of the damaged plaster and the framework behind it to understand exactly what is needed for the highest quality repair.

We want to make sure that the plaster is restored to its original appearance and like new condition. Whether it’s a sagging plaster ceiling, crown molding that needs to be patched and touched up around the details, our plaster repair service in New Jersey is the one to call. Don’t put it off any longer while the plaster in your home or office building suffers more damage. Call contact us today for friendly, high-quality plaster repair work!

If your home or office building has crown molding, walls or ceilings that have visible cracks or even water damage, you may be tempted to watch a few plaster repair videos online and think you can learn enough to tackle the repairs on your own. Though you may be able to handle some very minor cracks, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to repair anything significant and make it look good. Plaster work is truly an art form, and we have been making these types of repairs for many years.

In order to truly restore the original look of plaster ceilings and crown molding especially if it involves intricate details and design, you’ll want to hire a professional plaster repair company with experience in restoration and repair work. Restoring aged plaster involves more than just covering over a crack or water damage with new plaster and adding a fresh coat of paint. Different techniques are used for different forms of plaster, and it takes specific methods and tools to ensure the new plaster is molded to perfectly match the existing detail. Rest assured, these techniques can not be learned by watching a Youtube video!