Mural Design

Whether you are interested in a refined, cleanly detailed pattern or portrait, an abstract, or a colorful scene, we’ve done it all in our private installations. As the resident Mural Artist in New Jersey, Monica is excited to dive into your next project. Give her your inspiration and ideas and let her take care of the rest!

Monica can create all types of wall murals from hand painted murals in your home to local scenes for restaurants, outdoor patio murals, floor murals, ceiling murals and more!

There are numerous types of wall murals. If you want a kids themed wall, nursery walls that depict your child’s favorite storybook character or Disney scene, we can help create the perfect landscape for any setting. Bathroom murals can have a range of themes like a beach, window murals or a wall highlighting the outdoors. Whatever your choice, these murals are sure to bring new life to any room.

For timeless style and class, Italian wall murals are a must. Monica can create the illusion of columns, domes, and precise detail that looks so real you will want to touch the surface.

Ceiling murals always bring a level of dimension to your space that is hard to explain. Monica has the talent and patience to bring any ceiling to life. Whether it’s a starry sky scene or a blue sky, ceiling murals add a touch of class and elegance to any room that will add instant character.  Give us a call today for more information about hand painted murals by Harmony Painting.